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Business and Career Consulting - get the help you need!

Business and Career Consulting - get the help you need!

Mentoring & Coaching Startups and entrepreneurs since 2005

§ Headquartered in Wilmington Delaware, African Wood Inc mentors and coaches’ startups and entrepreneurs in the USA and Kenya.

§ Our firm specializes in Human Capital Optimization using Behavioral, Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence Assessments.

§ Whether you’re have just an idea on a napkin or you are already up and running, African Wood Inc will walk with you until your corporate outcomes meet your expectations.

§ Entrepreneurship mentoring, leadership coaching and Organizational behavior consultancy specializing in the infusion of emotional intelligence in human to human, human to Artificial intelligence, and AI to AI interfaces.

§ We are particularly interested in the policy aspect of the development and deployment of AI algorithms and other Emerging Science, Technology & Innovation (EST&I) without cultural biases and unearned privileges.

§ Emotional intelligence competencies in both the Human Computer interaction community, AI professionals and systems will ensure transparency during the marketing of the AI systems in both the data and decisions points.

§ We support organizations and their people to be both self-aware and be aware of others, to develop empathy for themselves and others, and to voice their values in the planning, architecture, algorithms, coding, training, validation, testing, application and marketing of EST&I systems.